We’ll give your car an all-round deep clean inside and out, to make your car sparkle, smell fresh and generally look amazing! 

From $249*

Trims, console & dash cleaned
Deep interior vacuum
Rubbish removed
Windows cleaned inside & out
Pre-soak with snow foam solution
Full exterior wash & dry
Bugs safely removed
Wheels cleaned & tyres rejuvenated
Wheel barrels & arches cleaned
Spray wax applied
Leather cleaned & conditioned
Rubbers, jambs & crevices cleaned
UV protectent applied to trims
Exterior trim rejuvenated

Gold Class is our ultimate exterior & interior detailing service for vehicles also needing deep stain removal on seats and/or carpets. 

From $499*

AC odour flush & sanitise
Steam clean of seats, floors & fabrics
Shampoo extraction of upholstery
Roof lining cleaned
Paint decontamination with clay bar
Engine bay clean & dress
Paint gloss enhancement
Premium paint sealant

Our highest level of detailing service to get your vehicle looking spotless and to maximise its resale value – it includes the works!

From $599*

Light machine polish of paintwork
Exterior plastics black colour restored